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-A declaration that everything that you have stated in regards to the list above is true, and that you are either the person who owns the copyright or that you are the person that is allowed to deal with the legal restrictions related to the copyright in question.The Agent which deals with Copyrights, can be contacted via email at regarding the above.


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-Creation of “Knock Offs”
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Groove Clip LTD has the ability to, at any point, and if they deem it necessary, to terminate any access and usage of this website to any individual.


The country of the United States of America’s laws and provisions are the ones which also govern and enforce the Terms and Conditions that are outlined in this document.


There may be instances where the published information on the Groove Clip LTD website may have errors many sorts, including inaccurate information, technical issues, or errors related to language. Groove Clip LTD might possibly correct them as they discover them, if they deem it necessary to do so. The information on this website is often changed and corrected from time to time.


Monthly Packages.

All of the packages that Groove Clip LTD offers with monthly subscriptions give customers the ability to access the media library through the payment of a regular (monthly) fee. With these packages, you are free to utilize as much of the media available as you would like to access.

Access to Your Groove Clip LTD Online Account.

If you have decided to use the “Remember Me” option when you are utilizing the account that you have with Groove Clip LTD, there are cookies that are utilized to help remember your user information, password, and other information when you go to visit the website on that same device. Upon your return, you are able to get the information that you had typed in during your previous visit, so you don’t have to take the time to type it in again. Even though these cookies are meant to be convenient, the “Remember Me” option may also grant access to other users of your device(s). Those persons can access a variety of pieces of information, including changing any purchases you have made. However, your complete personal information and Payment Method will not be accessible through cookie use.

Consent to Electronic Communications.

If you have a Groove Clip LTD monthly account, you have given Groove Clip LTD permission to communicate with you digitally, either through your email address, or via the main pages of the website, depending on what Groove Clip LTD has decided to do. If there are any pieces of information (disclosure, agreement, etc.) that are required to be given to you in a written form by Groove Clip LTD, you also agree that electronic communication will cover that requirement. You also accept that Groove Clip LTD may send you informational emails that can tell you about your account, or about promotions, products, and/or new services that Groove Clip LTD is providing. All of these communications are considered to be part of your agreement when you register to utilize Groove Clip LTD’s website.

How to Sign Up.

If you are looking to subscribe to the services offered by Groove Clip LTD, you must give them information, including your valid credit card information, an active email address, and your full name. The Groove Clip LTD website offers two different subscription plans; the default plan, and the premium plan. If you have decided to sign up for the default plan, the Payment Method that you have put into your account does not accrue any charges, but the Method is still attached to your account, in case you are looking to upgrade the account later on (if you have upgrades available). If you decide to change your subscription to the premium subscription, then your Payment Method will accrue a regular charge. If you have decided to upgrade to a premium subscription, and you are utilizing any and all benefits related to the Groove Clip LTD website, you are also granting authorization to Groove Clip LTD so that they can charge the card or account that you have on file in order to pay the fee necessary to maintain your premium account. There are various intervals where you can pay (every month, every three months, etc.). The charges will be on the same day every time that they occur, until you have decided to cancel your account or until it is terminated by Groove Clip LTD for any reason.To illustrate how this works, say you have a premium subscription, and it started on the 10th of May. Then, the date that you will be charged is the 19th of every following month, and your card will get the necessary charges plus any related fees and taxes. If you are in a situation where that date doesn’t exist in a specific month (the 31st is the most common instance), then you will not be charged until the 1st day of the subsequent month. For example, if your account were supposed to renew on January 31st, it would renew on March 1st the next time that it renewed.Please recall your monthly date and keep track of the charges on your account, because Groove Clip LTD will not grant you with any receipts of your monthly payments. You also agree that you will pay for any charges on your Payment Method related to your Groove Clip LTD fees. With your subscription, you are also allowing Groove Clip LTD to utilize your credit card or account for any other premium charges that you may accrue during your use of the Site.

Pending Charges for Payment Cards.

If a charge account or credit card is the main Payment Method that you are using, then Groove Clip LTD is allowed, through your subscription agreement, to put pending fees on the card or account at the time of registration, and before they charge for another month of your account. This fee is only used so that Groove Clip LTD can see if your card is still valid. These fees are temporary (only a few days) and are actually never charged to the card or account in question. But, the amount of cash that is in the pending fee (which is usually around $1 or less) will not be able to be used on your account until it is cleared off of it.

Fees Relating to your Payment Method.

If there are any fees that your financial institution charges to your Payment Method, you are the one responsible for paying them. These include overdraft fees, fees for insufficient monies, credit limit fees, and monthly usage fees that may be charged by your issuer.

Promotional Offers.

If they deem it necessary or wise, Groove Clip LTD may decide to offer reduced promotional packages for their monthly accounts for a short period of time; these may be offered to new visitors, or they may even be offered to certain current customers as well. If you have decided to utilize one of these promotional offers when you register for the Groove Clip LTD services, you will only be charged for the promotional cost and for taxes that may be related to it, for the period of time specified by the promotion. It will also renew every month throughout that time for that price. You also understand that the promotional period is temporary, and after it is over, your card will be invoiced for the standard cost of a monthly service plan, and the related taxes, for the renewal dates. Promotions will vary all of the time in terms of cost and how long that they last. If your particular promotion has not been covered here in this document, the page(s) that you utilize during your registration will give you the information that you need. Groove Clip LTD also has the ability to grant these promotional prices to members of other related websites.


If they wish to do so, Groove Clip LTD will occasionally decide that new members of the website will be able to take advantage of a trial for the subscription to the Groove Clip LTD services. Usually, this is restricted to one trial for a home or for the Payment Method that is used. When you register for the trial, you will still be required to give your Payment Method information, because there will be a hold on it for the amount related to one month of service and the taxes related to it. That being said, your card will not actually be charged, this process is just required to register that your card is valid and that your account is active. trial terms and offers may be different depending on the promotion. If your specific trial is not covered in this document, you will be given the necessary information while you are registering for the website. Your trial is active upon completion of your registration for the Groove Clip LTD monthly subscription.When your trial has ended, the monthly fees will renew without any action on your part (this is explained when you sign up for the website). You will continue to renew your account monthly, until you cancel it, no matter how long the trial period is. There are many things that factor into your monthly fee, including where you live, what devices you are using, what services you are subscribing to, and if there are any promotions related to your subscription. In terms of billing, your “anniversary date,” (when you will be charge) is the first day after your trial has ended. On that day, your card will have any and all taxes, fees, and subscription costs related to your monthly subscription to the Groove Clip LTD website, unless you have canceled the plan before the trial period has concluded. IN ORDER TO AVOID ALL FEES, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION PLAN BEFORE YOUR trial HAS ENDED. Groove Clip LTD will not give you any notice about when your trial is ending, so be sure to record and file when your trial will expire.When your trial is active, you will be able to access everything that Groove Clip LTD offers, without being charged. Before your trial ends, you have the opportunity to make changes or cancel your plan. You can do this by calling 1-888-982-9686 for Canada and the United States, or you can callif you are located in any other country; operators are available 0AM to 12PM. Any of the changes you make to your subscription before your trial has ended will eliminate the rest of the trial, and you will accrue charges for the new subscription.


Groove Clip LTD has four types of content, and there are five different plans related to membership. These categories are currently films, ebooks, games, and music. There is a subscription plan for each, and there is also one that allows you access to all four of the categories. As time goes on, Groove Clip LTD may develop other areas of content. There are sometimes promotions that allow you to upgrade your account to an all access account for a lesser cost (cost varies depending on the promotion); you will receive the offer via email or when you register for the website. Any changes to your membership will still be held to these Terms and Conditions, but you will gain access to the other content areas.Expiration Date and Refusal of Charges to Your Payment Card.If your Payment Card expires, or you are unable to utilize it for any other reason, Groove Clip LTD still has the right to attempt to utilize it for your monthly subscription costs. If Groove Clip LTD attempts to utilize the card, and it does not accept the fees, then you have a 9 day grace period in which to correct the issue. You can correct the issue by going to the Groove Clip LTD website and changing the card information or putting a new Payment Method on your account or, if the issue is with your issuer, make contact with them to resolve the issue. If Groove Clip LTD can put the fee(s) on your Payment Method during the 9 day grace time, and your account is caught up with payments, then you will not have any interruptions or issues related to your service, and your renewal date will not change. However, if it gets to the 10th day and Groove Clip LTD is still unable to charge any of your Payment Method(s), then your account will be suspended until the issue is dealt with. Then, there is a 30 day period after the suspension started; every 10 days after that initial suspension, Groove Clip LTD is allowed to attempt to utilize the Payment Method that you have on file in order to reinstate your subscription. If they are able to do so, then the date that they charged your Payment Method becomes the new renewal date, and the card that worked will be the one that is utilized when Groove Clip LTD goes to pay your monthly fee(s). The use of that card will continue until you either cancel the subscription or your account is terminated.

Cancellation by You.

The cost that you pay for your Groove Clip LTD subscription is for one month of time; it starts on the day of the month that you paid for the account, and it continues until that date the following month. If you would like an illustration, consider this: Your trial goes from April 17th, and will continue until May 17th. On May 17th, your Payment Method will be charged so that you can use your account from May 18th to June 17th. Then, on June 17th, you would be charged for the period of time from June 18th to July 17th. You always have the option of canceling your subscription as well, and the account will not be renewed anymore after you have canceled. Using the example above, if you decide on June 1st that you are not going to pay your monthly fees anymore, and cancel the account, you wouldn’t be charged for the June 18th to July 17th period. But, you would have access to your account until the period ended on June 18th. That being said, even if you were to cancel your account on June 16th, you would still not be charged and your account would still be terminated on June 17th.If you are seeking cancelation of your account, then you can call Groove Clip LTD at 1-888-982-9686 for calls in Canada and the US. For international customers, you will want to call 1-302-483-7701. The hours of operation are 0AM to 12PM. If you are canceling your subscription, you will be asked to explain why you are cancelling your account by the operator that you speak to.Modifying of Groove Clip LTD Online Monthly Package.You have the ability to downgrade, upgrade, or otherwise switch your Groove Clip LTD subscription at any point in time. You can also change the renewal periods to longer periods of time, as long as there are no issues with your current account. If you are seeking modification of your account, then you can call Groove Clip LTD at 1-888-982-9686 for calls in Canada and the US. For international customers, you will want to call 1-302-483-7701. The hours of operation are 0AM to 12PM. When you call, you will be asked to authorize your account in relation to the subscription fee that you are changing to. When you change your Groove Clip LTD subscription, you are also allowing Groove Clip LTD to apply fees to your Payment Method on the renewal date that you had on the original subscription, and that they are able to continue renewing the account for the new amount and any fees or taxes related to it, until cancelation or termination of the account occurs. Your new subscription will come into effect on the date that would have been the renewal for your former subscription. Groove Clip LTD initiated Cancellations.If they deem it necessary, Groove Clip LTD is within their rights to put a suspension or cancelation on any subscription through the Groove Clip LTD service, or they can restrict what areas of the site you are allowed to use without any reason.

Fraud, Abuse or Piracy.

Any of the media that is accessible via the Groove Clip LTD website are for your own personal use, and cannot be used for commercial gain. Groove Clip LTD does not allow any sort of piracy or intellectual property theft (for the Groove Clip LTD products or those of the third parties that offer their products on the Site), including the creation of duplicates for sale or distribution.

Cancellation or Changes to Program by Groove Clip LTD.

On occasion, Groove Clip LTD may decide to, and has the right to, make adjustments to any of the services available on the website; this may include, but is not limited to, trials, electronic coupons, free purchases from the store(s), and/or promotional deals. The fees that are related to the Groove Clip LTD subscription accounts may also be changed, as can the number of purchases one can make; in those cases, Groove Clip LTD has to let their customers know of the modifications before they occur, if they are going to affect you adversely. Unless you have cancelled your account before the changes occur, you agree and authorize that your Payment Method will be invoiced for the new subscription fee on your next renewal date, along with any of the associated fees and taxes.Changes to the services provided by Groove Clip LTD’s subscriptions (including the elimination of plans, removal of promotions, or ceasing to offer any trials), without any notification to customers and site visitors if they believe it is in their best interest to do so. Groove Clip LTD is also allowed to end any service that may be related to any area of the world, for any purpose, if they believe it is in their best interest to do so. Because your Groove Clip LTD account is able to be canceled at any point, it doesn’t extend credit, it doesn’t offer retail, and it doesn’t impose any charges, they are not liable to you in any manner. Void where prohibited.


Groove Clip LTD has the responsibility, and will adhere to, any and all taxes that are related to a person’s country, state, and/or local area of residence.


Really Simple Syndication feeds, also referred to as RSS’s or RSS feeds, are intended to be a simple method in which you can get important details and info from Groove Clip LTD’s site, or from the subscription account that is associated with Groove Clip LTD. These feeds can be read through any RSS reader by use of an XML-based URL. It is by your own acceptance of risk that you utilize the personal RSS feed (it may contain information related to your usage of your account, including media you’ve purchased, things you’ve downloaded, and ratings of products). Any information on your feed will be sent to the reader, and you agree to this by using the RSS feed. Groove Clip LTD will protect your information as best they can by not passing on anything that can identify you to your feed. But, by using the RSS feed, you are recognizing that you are taking a risk, and it is at your own discretion to do so.If you are utilizing the Groove Clip LTD RSS feed, then you are agreeing that you can only use it for personal needs, and you are doing so of your own accord. You cannot make changes to the RSS feed at all, including any attributions to third parties or the Groove Clip LTD. There are no guarantees or warranties that are related to the Groove Clip LTD RSS feeds, and if Groove Clip LTD deems it necessary to stop offering them, they can do so at any point. Groove Clip LTD is also not liable if any damages or losses occur because of RSS feed usage.


Downloading media on this website does not only fall under the Terms and Conditions of Service that are listed above, but also to the Download Terms and Conditions, which we explore here. If you download any media, then you are inferring that the Download Terms and Conditions are going to be adhered to. These Download Terms and Conditions may change at any point in time according to the beliefs of Groove Clip LTD. If they deem it necessary, Groove Clip LTD can also make any sort of modification to the service in question, whether by removing it, changing it, updating it, adding to it, or getting rid of part of it. Any changes to these Download Terms and Conditions are applicable as soon as they are made publicly available. Even if earlier versions are available, the most recent version of the Download Terms and Conditions, available via the link at the bottom of this website, is the one that applies at that point in time. Because changes happen regularly, you will want to make sure and review the Download Terms and Conditions. If you continue to download media, then you are insinuating that you accept whatever the newest Download Terms and Conditions State, whether you have read them or not.

Persons Under the Age of 18.

In order to utilize any of the downloadable media that is available via the Groove Clip LTD website, you must have the following: access to the web, an email address that is valid and that you check, and a credit card or other account that is currently able to be accessed and used. Any of the downloadable materials that Groove Clip LTD offers (along with any third parties) via what is referred to as “Site Content”, is meant for those who are older than 18 years of age. These materials include, but are not limited to, videos, audio clips, informational text, links, searches, games, and whatever other materials are available at the Groove Clip LTD website; it can also include Premium Content, which requires a license fee in order for one to use it (this is discussed more below). In order to access the download services or gain access to Premium Content on the site, you are either a minor between 13 and 17 that has parental consent, or you are 18 or older.


Complying with Terms.

If you are using this website or the services made available here, or you are making use of any of the Premium Content made available through the website, then you are bound by the Download Terms and Conditions that are laid out in this document. This includes that you won’t do any of the following: (A) do anything, whether by your own attempts or through assistance to someone else, to modify any application or hardware that is offered by this website or (B) utilize any content on this site for commercial gains. You also recognize that Groove Clip LTD may decide to stop offering the service, or they can change how you are able to use the Content on this site. In either case, Groove Clip LTD has no obligation to you when these changes occur. If you decide to take advantage of the Premium Content on Groove Clip LTD site, then you will also concur that you will install any of the software that Groove Clip LTD offers for Premium Content use, make payments for all of the Premium Content that you are purchasing, and provide accurate and complete contact information when your account is created (and also update the information when changes occur). Groove Clip LTD has the ability to cancel any transactions with you at any point in time, whether they have cause to our not. If you are found to be in violation of these Download Terms and Conditions in any way, or your information is not complete, up to date, or factual, then Groove Clip LTD may decide to suspend your account. If this occurs, then you are required to get rid of any of the Download Content you possess when your account is terminated. If necessary, Groove Clip LTD might also decide to pursue legal action if you have violated the Download Terms and Conditions in any way.

Payment for Premium Content.

Every time that you are going to utilize Premium Content, Groove Clip LTD charges a fee for the licensing. This cost will be granted to you when you are purchasing the license. Any payments that you make to use Premium Content is done via a Payment Method, and by purchasing the content, you are allowing Groove Clip LTD to make the appropriate charges related to the fees for licensing. With your permission, Groove Clip LTD can also save that information in your profile, which will allow you to check out more quickly the next time you purchase Premium Content from the website.That being said, if you are untruthful about your credit card being stolen when, in fact, you are avoiding paying for your Premium Content; or, you report that you didn’t authorize a charge from Groove Clip LTD that you clearly did authorize, Groove Clip LTD has the right to take legal action if they believe it is necessary, and they are also allowed to terminate any of the agreements that are related to the Groove Clip LTD online services.


Premium Content License.

Media offerings that are on this website that you either have to “rent” for a particular period of time, or that you purchase for continued use by paying a set fee, are considered to be premium content. The latter is referred to as “Retained Content.”

Content License

When the Licensing Costs have been paid, you will receive a license to interact and use the media in your Residence or in an area that is considered to be for “Permitted Non Residential Usage”. This license is not able to be switched to another person, and it is not exclusive. You can use one device in order to interact with and use the media in which you have purchased the license for. You must, however, download the content via the Groove Clip LTD website via an internet connection; you are also agreeing to comply with any and all of the Download Terms and Conditions that are discussed here. You, in no circumstances, are allowed to move the data for the Download Content to any other device. The license you are granted will last either 24 hours after you have started interacting with the downloaded media, or 30 days from the day that you downloaded it (whichever happens first). In some cases, the time may be less, and that will be indicated when you buy your license. Depending on the media and the terms, you may have permission from Groove Clip LTD to purchase another license that has the same terms as the initial one. When any and all licenses expire for the content, you will not be able to interact with it any longer.These terms are necessary to understand the Download Terms and Conditions.
-A Residence is either a home where a person or people reside (one dwelling unit), or an office unit that is secluded from any others. Hospital rooms, motels, hotels, pubs, jails, military facilities, transient workplaces, and eateries are not considered to be residences under this definition.
-“Permitted Non-Residential Usage” refers to private viewing by one (or multiple) people in an area that is not a Residence. That being said, it is only permitted if there are no fees or other arrangements that revolve around the usage of that area; otherwise, it does not fall under this definition. There may be exceptions, if permission is granted by Groove Clip LTD and/or the third party(ies) that are involved with the distribution of the Content that is in question.
-A Non-Residential Venue refers to any space or room that is not considered to be a Residence.

Retained Content License

When you have paid the fee for licensing, Groove Clip LTD gives you a license under copyright that is not able to be switched to another person, and it is not exclusive. This license allows you to keep a copy of the Retained Content so that you can enjoy it privately in a Residence or via Permitted Non-Residential Usage. This particular Retained Content falls into these requirements.You are allowed to keep one (1) copy of the Retained Content on the memory and/or hard disk of your computer (or whatever device you have approved by Groove Clip LTD) that the first and only download of the content was sent to, via internet connection, by way of the Groove Clip LTD website.You have permission from Groove Clip LTD to make a copy to save for back up, of any Retained Content. You can do this on a DVD or any other removable media type, as long as it is saved in the format which it was originally downloaded. If allowed by Groove Clip LTD, you may also put the content on up to 2 other licensed devices for personal use as well (these are referred to as “Additional Copies). If you are looking to utilize these Additional Copies on other devices, you will have to get a new license for them by connecting to the Groove Clip LTD website via internet connection on those devices. Currently, the Additional Copies are not available, so if you attempt to make copies (either to other computers or removable media), they will not currently work.Compatibility of devices may be changed by Groove Clip LTD on occasion, if they deem it necessary. These devices are allowed to utilize any Retained Content according to the Terms and Conditions outlined on the website. The rights that are granted to you via the website or when you purchase the content, in regards to Additional Copies and other rights, is meant to help you out. That doesn’t mean that Groove Clip LTD or any third parties have given up or waivered their rights to the copyrights and trademarks related to the media in question.You are the one who is to take care of creating and keeping a copy of your Retained Content. If the Retained Content in question has been purchases, but doesn’t download, then Customer Service will be able to assist you with the issues (information for Customer Service Contact is at the end of this document. But, if you have successfully downloaded the content once, but have lost it due to catastrophic error, file corruption, device failure, and or any other issues, then Groove Clip LTD has no obligation to assist you, and will not replace the Retained Content.When you download the Retained Content, you are accepting the fact that you have no ownership over the Retained Content. The license granted to you does not eliminate the rights of Groove Clip LTD or any other copyright owners involved in the process; it also does not transfer ownership to you, the customer.You are not permitted to redistribute the content in any way, whether you give it away or you sell it, or you grant licenses to others of the Retained Content. You also cannot use it in any fashion that is not listed in the Download Terms and Conditions above, or by the regulations that are on the site when you purchased the licensing for the Retained Content. If there are other regulations about Retained or Download Content on any other area of the website, they are considered to be part of the Download Terms and Conditions.


Hardware and software platforms that are compatible with the services of the Groove Clip LTD website are specified upon registration and on other areas of the Groove Clip LTD website. Your responsibility is to make certain that the hardware and software that you have is compatible with the service, and that you have a working web connection. Groove Clip LTD can stop supporting any devices or software without notifying any of their clients.


Title to Premium Content

Premium Content on the Groove Clip LTD website is owned by the third parties and/or Groove Clip LTD, and not by the customer. Ownership, intellectual property, and title rights and regulations related to the Premium Content is held by Groove Clip LTD, the content owners, or those who hold the content’s copyrights. All Premium Content is governed by regulations and laws related to copyrights and intellectual property. Unless specified, the Download Terms and Conditions do not give you any licenses for the Premium Content; thus, you are not allowed to distribute it in any manner, whether through broadcast, performance, sale, or other forms of distribution.


Termination for Breach

The licenses that you are granted, along with the Download Terms and Conditions, are immediately ended if you violate any of the regulations that have been set by the Download Terms and Conditions. If your account has been terminated for a breach of this sort, you are required to destroy any and all content that you may have (including any of your Retained Content). This termination can occur without any notice to you by Groove Clip LTD.

Termination for Any Reason

Groove Clip LTD has every right to stop any services related to their website. They can do this for any purpose or cause, as long as they post the information related to the termination on the website. Also, Groove Clip LTD is allowed to halt or change anything that the website offers, without granting you any notice, and Groove Clip LTD is not legally responsible to you if it decides to do so.


To avoid any unwanted charges, please be sure to read the complete details of each subscription package during signup.

Refund Guidelines

If you have experienced any of the following situations on Groove Clip LTD, you may qualify for a refund.

  • Technical Problems: we will issue a refund if technical issues prevent you from using the site.
  • Compromised Security: accounts subject to fraudulent activity will be refunded.
  • Billing Errors: accidental overcharges warrant a full refund.
  • Not What You Expected: if our website doesn’t deliver the experience advertised, we will issue a refund.

We cannot issue partial refunds under any circumstances. Refund claims must be made within 60 days of a contested payment. If you wish to stop using our service, you are solely responsible for cancelling your account.


UK Office:

4/4a Bloomsbury Square
United Kingdom

Toll-free No: 1-888-982-9686
Primary #: 1-302-483-7701


Groove Clip LTD services are restricted in the following countries: Afghanistan, Anguilla, Albania, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Benin, Botswana, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Cuba, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Western Sahara, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Liberia, Lesotho, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Madagascar, Macedonia, Mali, Mauritania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Reunion, Romania, Rwanda, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Somalia, Swaziland, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Groove Clip LTD name, design, and related marks are trademarks of Groove Clip LTD 2015. Groove Clip LTD All rights reserved. Effective Jan 1st, 2015

Privacy Policy

Groove Clip LTD ("hazingfun") operates a variety of web sites ("Web Site" or "Site") including www.hazingfun.comand is committed to protecting the privacy of our Web Site users ("Users") and Groove Clip LTD members ("Members"). To that end, we offer this Privacy Policy to inform our Members and Users (referred to individually, or collectively, as "you") of how we collect, use and disclose your personal information. Groove Clip LTD will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws. To make this notice easy to find, we provide a link to our policy at the bottom of most pages of our Web Site.

What is Personal Information?

Groove Clip LTD defines personal information as information about an individual that enables someone to identify or contact a person and includes, among other things, a person's full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as other information we maintain about a person in identifiable form in combination with one of the foregoing identifiers, such as account history, financial information, titles rented or purchased or categories of products rented or purchased. Categories of personal information that we collect include, for example:

    - Basic identifying information such as e-mail address and first and last names
    - Security information such as password
    - Contact information such as address
    - Billing information such as credit card, expiration date, billing address and account history
    - Site preferences such as game categories you frequently browse
    - Ratings and reviews of games
    - Lists of games, such as for online subscription, rental or purchase
    - E-newsletter selections and preferences
    - Direct marketing contact preferences
    - Rental and purchase history
    - Sweepstakes entries
    - Complaints, questions and information submitted to customer service agents or similar individuals either in person, by phone, by e-mail or by entry on a Site
    - Site behavior such as pages visited or searches requested
    - Browser information such as browser version, connection speed, IP address and the presence of various related plug-ins and tools such as media players

When Does Groove Clip LTD Collect Personal Information?

Groove Clip LTD collects personal information from you when you voluntarily submit that information to Groove Clip LTD, for example: when you register on a Site; sign up for a subscription service; register for our e-newsletter service; participate in one of our sweepstakes, contests, or surveys; respond to an offer; purchase or rent products; or request to be on a mailing list. After you have registered your e-mail address on the Site and if you have clicked "Remember Me" or signed in to the Site, Groove Clip LTD collects Site behavior and browser information as you navigate through the Site. This information may be used to create a profile that we keep on individual Users that details their preferences, personal information and behavior. Consequently, collected information is tied to the User's personally identifiable information and may be used to provide offers and improve the content of the Site for the User. This profile may also be used to tailor a User's visit to our Web Site, and to direct pertinent marketing promotions to them.

What Happens When I Register On The Web Site?

In order to use certain features of this Web Site, a User must first complete a registration process. During registration a User is required to provide basic contact information (such as name and e-mail address) and establish a password. Depending on the feature being used, the User may be required to provide other information associated with the use of that particular feature. For example, a User signing up for our subscription service will be required to provide an address for proof of location and financial information in the form of a credit card and expiration date for billing purposes,licensing porposes and future charges. Users signing up for our e-newsletter service may enter the types of games or games in which they are interested and about which they wish to receive information in the newsletter.

What Happens When I Place An Order On The Web Site?

Certain features of the Web Site do not require registration but may still require personal information to be entered, such as placing an order for a product. We request information from the User during the ordering process. For example, a User will be required to provide contact information (such as name, e-mail, and shipping address) and financial information (such as credit card and expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and to fill Users' orders. If we have trouble processing an order, the information is used to contact the User.

Does Groove Clip LTD Use Cookie Technology?

Groove Clip LTD uses cookie technology to make your use of the Sites more convenient and to support our internal business purposes. A cookie is a piece of information that is transferred to a User's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. For example, Groove Clip LTD uses cookies to remember your e-mail address so that you will not have to re-enter this information each time you visit the Site. Groove Clip LTD also uses cookies to help track referrals from third party web sites. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but you can set up your browser to alert you every time a cookie is offered, letting you decide whether or not to accept it. You can use and visit the Site with cookies disabled, but you will not automatically be recognized by the Site upon re-visiting. However, cookies allow you to take full advantage of some of our Sites' best features, so we recommend that you leave them turned on.

What Other Mechanisms Does Groove Clip LTD Use to Track User Behavior?

Some Site web pages and HTML-formatted e-mails and e-newsletters use web beacons to compile statistics about Web Site usage. A web beacon is an electronic image, called a single-pixel (1x1) or clear GIF. Web beacons can recognize certain types of information on a visitor's computer, such as a visitor's cookie number, time and date of a page view, and a description of the page where the Web beacon is placed. You may render some web beacons unusable by rejecting their associated cookies.

Groove Clip LTD and its third party vendors use web beacons to track and analyze non-personally identifiable usage information and to compile statistical information about our Users in order to improve the Web Site's quality and to support our business. All data collected on behalf of Groove Clip LTD is owned and used by Groove Clip LTD. Groove Clip LTD reserves the right to publish non-personally identifiable, summary information regarding its Web Site visitors for promotional purposes and as a representative audience for business partners.

We also collect information in log files that include data such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and number of clicks. We and our business partners use this information to analyze trends, administer the Site, track User's movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses, etc. are not linked to personally identifiable information.

How Does Groove Clip LTD Handle Information from Children?

Please note that Groove Clip LTD has no intention of collecting personal information from individuals under the age of 13 ("children"). We are committed to protecting children's privacy on the Internet and we comply fully with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Where appropriate, we will instruct children not to provide such information to us. If a parent becomes aware that a child has provided us with personal information, we ask that the parent or legal guardian of the child contact us by visiting, selecting 'Contact Us'

How Does Groove Clip LTD Use Personal Information?

Use of Personal Information is for our internal business purposes. Groove Clip LTD uses the personal information you provide for the purposes for which it was provided, for example, to process an order; to record your rental of a product and its return date; to support an online subscription service; to collect debts and recover overdue rental products; to notify you that you have won a contest or sweepstakes; to respond to your inquiries or complaints or to contact you or send you information about your membership. In addition, Groove Clip LTD, its subsidiaries and franchisees may share and use information collected through the Site to administer and manage our business, including, for example for account maintenance and collections purposes, and in connection with information technology services. In addition, personal information may be used to create a profile that we keep on individual Users that details their preferences and behavior. This profile may be used to develop and improve the products, benefits and services, Groove Clip LTD, its subsidiaries, franchisees and business partners offer to our Members or Users, to improve the Site and the associated user experience, and to develop pertinent marketing promotions to Users and Members.

Where permitted or required by law, Groove Clip LTD may collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent, for example in response to a court order or subpoena or to comply with a legally permitted inquiry by a government agency.

When Will I Be Contacted by Groove Clip LTD?

You may receive products and communications associated with your transactions with Groove Clip LTD, such as rentals, purchases, subscriptions, sweepstakes and contests. You may also receive communications from Groove Clip LTD related to transactions that appear to be from you or which appear to be fraudulent. You may be contacted in regards to an issue on your account or in response to a customer service contact by you or in response to a specific request from you such as clicking on a "forgot my password" link. Users who sign up for e-newsletter subscriptions will receive e-mails in accordance with their selection and preferences. These administrative communications also may be accompanied by information about products and services, special offers and upcoming promotions or events offered by Groove Clip LTD, our subsidiaries, our franchisees or our marketing partners that we think may be of interest to you ("direct marketing").

You may periodically receive from Groove Clip LTD, its subsidiaries and franchisees unsolicited direct marketing communications by mail (delivered via the United States Postal Service). Groove Clip LTD and its subsidiaries will send standalone direct marketing e-mail communications to you only if you have agreed previously. We support the option to not receive these types of communications. Please see the following section: How Can I Opt Out of Receiving Direct Marketing from Groove Clip LTD?

How Can I Opt Out of Receiving Direct Marketing from Groove Clip LTD?

By providing us with your personal information, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of that information as described in this Privacy Policy as amended from time to time or as described at or before the time of collection, use or disclosure, as the case may be. Groove Clip LTD is the owner of the personal information collected on our Web Site. If you do not want your personal information to be collected, used or disclosed in this manner, please do not submit your personal information to us.

E-mails that are sent to you as a result of you performing a business transaction with us or requesting specific information from Groove Clip LTD are not subject to an Opt Out process. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these e-mails, please communicate to our Online Customer Service group using the Contact Us functionality on the Site. We appreciate your feedback but cannot commit to taking action.

What Personal Information Does Groove Clip LTD Give to Others?

Transfer of Personal Information to Third Party Goods and Services Providers. Groove Clip LTD employs third party vendors, service providers, and suppliers to perform various functions on our behalf. Such services include: fulfilling orders; processing credit card or check card payments; collecting debts; removing repetitive information from customer lists; analyzing data; developing, hosting and maintaining our Web Sites and databases; sending and receiving e-mail and other communications; and staffing customer service call centers. These third parties may have access to personally identifiable information as reasonably necessary for the third party to provide these services. These third parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing these services. Certain information collected in connection with transactions may be provided to third parties for use in transaction authorization, fraud scoring and payment card fraud prevention modeling.

Groove Clip LTD, its affiliates and franchisees (if permitted by Groove Clip LTD) on occasion may disclose to their business partners certain data, such as names and addresses and the genre of products rented or purchased by Users or Members, so that the business partner may send their own direct marketing communications to Users and Members. Groove Clip LTD will not provide User or Member e-mail addresses to business partners, unless the User or Member has provided express permission to Groove Clip LTD. If you would prefer that Groove Clip LTD not disclose your personal information to its business partners for direct marketing purposes, subject to legal, or contractual restrictions and legal notice you may opt out of such uses and/or disclosures by (a) checking the appropriate "Opt Out" box in any applicable e-mail communication or e-newsletter, (b) visiting, selecting 'Contact Us'.

Third Party Features. From time to time Groove Clip LTD may include additional features and functionality from third parties on our Web Sites. Certain of these features and functions, may require Groove Clip LTD to send selected information about you, such as information about your game queue, to the third party. If you do not wish for Groove Clip LTD to share this information, you will have a reasonable opportunity to opt-out of these third-party features and functions. Groove Clip LTD will never send your password or your financial information to any third party through these features or functions.

Cleaned Data. We periodically remove from personal information data that can be used to identify individuals for example by summarizing, aggregating or removing certain data elements. The resulting cleaned data is no longer considered personal information and is not subject to this Privacy Policy. The cleaned data may be published by Groove Clip LTD and provided to various third parties.

Disclosures Attendant to a Merger or Acquisition. If Groove Clip LTD or its assets are acquired by another company, your personal information may be disclosed to the acquiring company to allow it to fulfill your order or provide the products, services or information that Groove Clip LTD would otherwise provide to you and generally to carry on the Groove Clip LTD business. We may also use and disclose your personal information to parties connected with the contemplated or actual financing, insuring, sale, assignment or other disposal of all or part of our business or assets, including for the purposes of determining whether to proceed or continue with such transaction or business relationship or fulfilling any records or other reporting requirements to such parties. We will require such parties to treat your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy and to use and disclose it only for the purposes for which it was collected.

Public postings. If you disclose your personal information in a manner that will be posted publicly such as in a product review your posting will be seen by others. In addition, if you elect to participate in certain community features offered from time to time, selected information about you, including information about your game queue, may be shared with other participants in these community features. Also, Groove Clip LTD may make it possible for certain third party web sites to be accessed directly from our Web Sites and for selected information about you to be provided to these third party web sites if you are also a user of these third party web sites. If a third party web site allows other users to view information about you (e.g., through posting to a publicly available profile page), the information provided by Groove Clip LTD will be visible to other users of the third party web site.

How does Groove Clip LTD Protect Personal Information?

Groove Clip LTD takes reasonable measures to protect the personal information it collects, uses, stores or discloses. We have implemented physical, technological and organizational procedures designed to protect the integrity and security, and to ensure the appropriate use, of your personal information. These procedures are appropriate to the nature, sensitivity and format of the personal information collected, used, stored or disclosed by Groove Clip LTD. For example, Groove Clip LTD uses Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit information, including your credit card or check card number, before it travels over the Internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions.

What About Links to Other Web Sites?

This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by Groove Clip LTD. However, our Site contains links to other web sites owned and operated by third parties. The third parties who operate these sites may treat the collection, use and disclosure of personal information differently than we do. This could be the case even for those web sites that carry Groove Clip LTD's or its affiliates' trademarks or logos or which are framed by a Site. Please be aware that Groove Clip LTD is not responsible for the data collection, use and disclosure practices of companies or organizations to which our Sites may provide links. We encourage our Users to be aware when they leave our Site and to read the privacy statements of each and every Web site that collects personally identifiable information.

How Can I Access or Correct My Personal Information?

If a User's personally identifiable information changes (such as zip code, phone, e-mail or postal address), or if a User no longer desires our service, we provide a way to correct or, update or delete/deactivate Users' personally identifiable information. You can review or change some of your personal information as follows:

You can review and change certain account related information by visiting Groove Clip LTD, submiting suitable identification and giving the Groove Clip LTD your changes such as providing a new address or phone number, removing names from your account, changing your credit card or check card information, etc.

You can review and change certain Site related information by visiting the Site, entering your e-mail address and password and accessing the "My Account" area.

Note that in most cases, Groove Clip LTD will retain the previously entered data.

Legal Notices

Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988. Groove Clip LTD supports the Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988 and will use reasonable commercial efforts to require employee and business partner compliance with the Act.

REQUIRED BY NEW YORK LAW: This videotape service provider from time to time provides to marketers of goods and services, the names and addresses of customers and a description or subject matter of materials rented by video customers. You have the right to elect not to have your name, address or the description or subject matter of any material rented included in such lists. This election may be changed by you, in writing, at any time.

Can Groove Clip LTD Change This Privacy Policy?

Groove Clip LTD reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If Groove Clip LTD makes a change, this Privacy Policy will be updated accordingly. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy periodically so that you are aware of any changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy we will make reasonable efforts to notify you. For example, your continued consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information or your continued use of our Sites following the notification or posting of any changes to this Privacy Policy shall constitute your acceptance of these changes.

How Do I Contact Groove Clip LTD Regarding The Web Site And This Privacy Policy?

If Users have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Web: visit, select 'Contact Us' and complete the contact form